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1.  Volverte a Amar (Letra)

2. Enamorado de mí (Letra)

3. Inexplicablemente (Letra)

4. Amor (Letra)

5. Negra Bonita (Letra)

6. Dejarte ir (Letra)

7. Dime (Letra)

8. Volver a ti (Letra)

9. Amanecer (Letra)

10. Ay Corazón (Letra)

11. Negra Bonita (Versión Original)

12. Apaixonado por Mim (Enamorado de mí Versión en Portugués) (Letra)

13. Enamorado de mí Versión Remix

c 2009 Pancara, TOP 10 Music Group, Inc.


Pancara composer and producer, this time showing an amazing  fusion, a trip that takes you from Afro Bolivian elements and rock to ballads, bringing the exotism of the biggest bolivian production in to the international music arena. Pancara developped this project with 60 people traveling form Bolivia and Miami, called a mega production by the media, this will certainly change any expectations about Latin Music, the andean element presented in a beautiful sensual way, Pancara's way. Expect a cow horn and a violin, expect the unexpected dance and enjoy.


Carnaval del Amor

2005 Official Song of the Carnival, energy and flow in to a carnival moment from a house party to a 10000 people club.

Estamos Solos

First album Pancara composed and produced integrating the Jazz Big Band, bolivian folk, rock guitars and andean elements in to a sensitive, sensual 14 track record.



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