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Life as an artist


Pancara is a Bolivian artist whose passion for folklore has taken her to rescue the essence of her traditional native country through dance and music giving it a more modern international feel.

In a matter of weeks, she launched the single of her second album “El Carnaval del Amor” inaugurating it as the official anthem of the carnival, ranking it as number one on the music charts among the predominant cities of Bolivia. This in result began a new fan club, supporting sponsors such as LAB, (the official airline of the country) who promoted her album by distributing her CD to its international passengers.

Pancara,  not only a published poet and writer of four books is also the founder of “Poesia para Todos". Through her music, she finds new ways of discovering poetry.

After a long trajectory of composing sessions and production of her music, Pancara has found the sound that she has been looking for in the last years. “This time, after six long years, I can show the world how to dance and feel the Afro-Bolivian sound”, Pancara.

Composer, singer and a graduate from Florida International University with her masters in International Business, she strives for excellence. She speaks four languages and is composing and co-producing her new album in Miami with renowned producers and musicians featuring guests "Los Kjarkas", the leading Andean musical group in it's genre.


Pancara showed her artistic inclination at a very young age. Her first performance, at age four, was with a small production company where she was the protagonist, representing a cooking pot which was filled with gifts and donations in prisons and orphanages during the holidays. She also participated in various shows and theatre workshops. Her aunt, a director of opera had an immense influence on her artistic development, introducing her to the world of theatre taking her under her wing. “For me, everything was magical, fun and creative, this let my imagination run wild”, Pancara.



Pancara spent most of her childhood in the Bolivian altiplano. She was brought up in her family hacienda where she began her love for nature and life. However, don’t let this fool you. In her family there exists a long list of recognizable characters including two relatives holding the title of Miss Bolivia, writers, opera directors and presidents of the republic. In spite of this, she chose the arts. She was never really interested in politics. When asked about her origin and background, she comments, “I am very fortunate to come from a country so rich in culture that was able to cultivate my ideas and dreams”.


At a young age of five, she performed in a Spanish dance initiating the beginning of her dancing career. She later took on from classic dance to modern dance, jazz, Brazilian dance, Latin-American folkloric dance expanding her range as a professional dancer. This collimated her into the spotlight by landing herself as one of the leading dancers for the famous folkloric group “Los Kjarkas”, most famous for the song “Llorando Se Fue” which was later adapted into “The Lambada” by a Brazilian group.

“I remember when my father signed me up for my first dance class. I was four years old at the time. Some time had passed and my first show was approaching, he had already passed away, I felt that he left me something very special, the basic steps of my career”.

Pancara notes each region with special attention and emphasizes the importance of representing each one accurately through dance. She explains the costume and movement in detail. The concept should be clear and defined. This knowledge has opened many doors for Pancara inviting her to international events and festivals as a dancer.


She wrote her first song at age twelve and since then she has developed a great ability to understand the roots of folkloric "Afro-Bolivian" music and translate them into a Latin pop rock genre.  She integrates diverse sounds that come from her inspirations from her favorite’s rock bands such as The Cure, Queen, Elton John, Janis Joplin, Alanis Morissette, Mercedes Sosa, The Police, Soda Stereo, Victor Heredia and Kjarkas.

First Album  "Estamos Solos"

Pancara started her musical career with  the album  titled "Estamos Solos".  This disc includes 15 tracks incorporating fusions between funk, bossa nova, rock, saya  and boleros.  However, let us not forget the single "Estamos Solos" featuring the famous vocalist Elmer Hermosa of the group Kjarkas.

Second Album  "El Carnaval del Amor" The Official Anthem of the Carnival of 2005

In a couple of weeks, Pancara placed as number one on the musical charts in various cities.  The popularity of the track landed as the official song of Carnival of 2005 receiving rave reviews from the tropics of the east to the Andean region of the west.  Recorded in Miami, the new trends of Latin international pop were incorporated to create this sound displayed in the album with all lyrics and music composed by Pancara.

LAB Sponsorship

The Bolivian airline LAB gave away Pancara’s CD’s to its passengers during the carnival capturing national attention in the public arena and the media. Days before the carnival, Pancara began her campaign from the Miami International Airport.

Te Voy a Poner Los Cuernos

This track is a fusion between Bolivian rhythms and International pop.

Fan Club

In Cochabamba, the city of the valley , the fan club of Pancara was created with great enthusiasm made up of kids, teenagers and adults. Many of the members set out to events from fashion shows to international festivals to recruit fans.


Pancara began to write poetry at a very early age. Her first poem won the award “Youth for Peace” thus making her a published poet. She explains “... Art does not compete and should not be judged; poetry proposes, does not impose and should be respected in its essence". She comments on pushing down barriers leading her to start the movement “Poesia Para Todos” (Poetry for All) in 2001 with the launch of the project “I Also Was Born Naked”. In the year 2003, an encounter was carried out for The World Day of the Poetry sponsored by the UNESCO to promote the expansion of the literary industry in which various countries participated in. The conference was dictated by Pancara promoted by the GDLN and the World Bank with the proposal of a "Model to Expand the Literary Industry in the Environment of the Poetry", work that was the thesis of her degree. Subsequently, the most important works are detailed carried out by Pancara in the corresponding anuses:


First book of poetry written by Pancara includes its initial work as the author, a clear sample of its characteristic style that is reinforced in its next projects.


A book of poetry written during its trips through different countries of South America (Colombia, Argentina, Equator, Peru, Bolivia and Chile), a reflection of the cultures of each region and the diversity of the towns.

2000  "POETRY FOR ALL" ©

The foundation of “Poetry for All” was given through the presentation of the project “I Also was Born Naked”, with the objective to open a market for the poetry in new segments and to increase the size of the current market.

2000-2001 "I ALSO WAS BORN NAKED" ©

Book of introduction to the poetry for new and young people readers of poetry, the publication includes two parts: the first one presents phrases and photos, the second present’s short poems as a phase of approach to poetry.

The project includes a blank photographic exposition with 17 monochromatic of pieces, posters. The presentation in not traditional localities for the poetry obtained an excellent answer exhausting the sales of the edition in few months with what surpassed the national average of sales of poetry.

The fourth book of poetry written by Pancara in which she comments "The ideas leave to enter again, to break down again to re- compose, the Tao, where the one that nothing does nothing leaves to do". ©


With the title of Master of International Business of Florida International University of Miami, Pancara continues applying its academic formation to the literary and musical market. - "Not only is it important to distinguish oneself as an artist but it fundamentally important to establish oneself in the real world as a working professional in any industry." - with this she leaves apparent the reason of her studies, obtaining her degree in business Administration with specialization in Cultural Management. She received an important mention upon being invited to create an area of development of the cultural administration in the Bolivian Catholic University. She also studied literature and letters in French while finishing school in which she learned English and obtained a bilingual degree.



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